When you Arrive:

All Guests MUST use hand Sanitizer provided 
One Member of the party approach the desk
You May be asked to provide an email address so your bill and any further information can be emailed to you. 
You will be asked to respect social distancing while in common areas of the hotel 
During busy periods to minimize the risk you may be asked to book a time for your meal. E.g. Breakfast – Dinner 
We ask that as a much as possible use Cash less payments 
Hand sanitizers will be readily available throughout the main hotel & non visible service areas of the hotel
Signage to encourage and remind people about regular hand cleaning & social distancing protocols will be visible throughout the hotel and non-visible service areas. 
Touchless payment and emailed invoices will be encouraged 
There will be NO moving of rooms once you arrive into your room
  • We do not have Travel cots


Restaurant tables will be adequately spaced apart and the number of diners will be reduced in both restaurant and bar, in line with safety protocols
Disposable paper napkins may be provided until further notice
All meals will be provided “a la carte” style, some cold items may be available for hand collection and we ask that you maintain social distancing 
All condiments have been removed from dining tables and can be served to you by your waiting team 
In-dining will be conducted with minimal contact or you can opt to have your order left outside your room door (€10). All food is covered throughout transit

In your Room 

Government and WHO guidelines for cleaning and sanitizing guest rooms will be adhered to. Frequently touched areas will be thoroughly disinfected regularly during your stay (I.e. Telephones, remote controls, handles & taps etc.) A fresh set of microfiber cloths is used for each room to avoid cross contamination.  
In room bins are disinfected with appropriate chemicals 
Room attendant’s will wear a fresh set of disposable PPE for each room they clean, these will be disposed of in line with Government guideline.
Bed linen will be handled with extreme care so as to avoid lifting dust. Linen will be bagged, sealed and removed for laundering. 

Swimming Pool  

The number of guest in the Swimming Pool will be controlled.
We ask that guests staying in the hotel bring towels from their rooms down to the swimming pool.
Guests are advised to change into swimming costumes in their room and to shower in their room.
Government and WHO guidelines are used for the cleanings and sanatising protocols.  
The pool area will be pressure washed and sanitized each evening and regular chemical/chlorine checks will be done and recorded.

Behind the scenes  

Prominent signage & hand sanitizer dispensers are located throughout the services and back areas of the hotel
All public areas are cleaned and sanitized in line with government and WHO guideline’s. Extra care is given to sanitize high touch points such as chair arms, tables, handrails, door handles etc.
All soft furnishing is steamed regularly 
Vacuum cleaner bags are changed every four days  
Food safety /HACCP – We will continue to observe the strictest good hygiene practice across all areas of food preparation for our restaurant/bar and in-room dining. *Hazard Analysis critical control point.
All dining areas will be ventilated after each meal period.
Goods delivered to the hotel will be inspected, and goods arriving in dirty containers or unsatisfactory vehicles will be immediately rejected.
Our loading bays are equipped with alcohol hand sanitizers for both the suppliers and our own colleagues. 
Our goods received area will be cleaned and disinfected at regular intervals and after each period.
All food and food contact good are date coded on arrival and guaranteed as appropriate in a designated area. Dry goods are left for 48-72 hours before transferring them to our food stores. 
Chilled items – Where possible outer package is removed on unloading, otherwise outer packaging will be cleaned using appropriate agents.
Deliveries are scheduled to allow sufficient time between deliveries to adhere to our safety protocols and also allow for safety distancing during delivery times.
Waste collection will never coincide with linen and food deliveries.
In the kitchen
Kitchens and food prep areas continue to be regularly sanitized and extra care given to high touch points. I.e.: food equipment, food contact surfaces, chopping boards etc.
We will have limited the number of colleagues to a minimum and workstations have been re-arranged so the colleagues are not facing each other. 
All kitchen teams wear disposable mask, gloves, hairnets and other safety equipment as chemical’s, cleaned and replaced as per local policies. 
Menu choices have been revised to avoid raw foods or foods that can be sanitized correctly. This would include items such as non-sanitized greens and unpasteurized cheeses.
All knives & utensils are pasteurized in a dishwasher at a rinse of 82c or sterilized using an autoclave or boiling water  
Additional Safety measure our colleagues are taking
Mandatory temperature checks will be implemented at the start of each work shirt.
Any colleague experiencing COVID-19 symptoms will be asked not to attend work and to contact their local Public Health center
Hands sanitizer will be used before entering the hotel premises, throughout the day and again when leaving.
Colleagues have been instructed to avoid any unnecessary contact or conversation with guest. Naturally we are saddened to have to enforce this, as it is our nature, but however we must keep safety to the forefront.
Managers/supervisors will monitor the proper use of all PPE and ensure that it is, disposed of and replaced in accordance with government guidelines. 
Staff shoes will be cleaned and disinfected when entering and leaving the building. 
Staff shifts are staggered to ensure adequate social distancing, during break times all staff will comply with 2m social distancing during breaks. 
Training has been provided and supervisors will continue to monitor this.
All windows will be kept open where possible 
High touch points in offices are disinfected regularly 
Colleague meeting’s will adhere to social distancing protocol and all necessary sanitization of meeting space will be implemented.  Table & chairs will be disinfected after each use.  

Contact Information

If you have any concerns or would like to discuss anything regards to your upcoming Visit. Please phone 0719166171 or Email reception@pierheadhotel.ie



Pier Head Hotel
Spa & Leisure Centre
Mullaghmore Harbour,
County Sligo,


00353 71 9166171




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